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Most people don’t believe it until they see it and once they see it, their first words are usually, “Unbelievable!”

I’m talking about the huge fishing areas of South Louisiana. From the east side of the Mississippi River around Hope Dale to Calcasieu Lake south of Lake Charles Louisiana, there are literally thousands and thousands of saltwater lakes, creeks, ponds and canals and most hold fish the year round. Louisiana has the most liberal daily limits in the country – 5 Redfish and 25 Trout per person per day. The slot limit for Redfish is 16 to 26 inches and you can keep one over 26 inches for a trophy. Speckled trout have to be at least 12 inches and have no upper size limit.

Because the area is so big, I recommend that on your first trip to the marsh you use a local guide. The average water depth across the marsh is 4 feet, with some lakes as shallow as 2 feet. It’s easy to get lost, stuck or damage your boat, so choose someone with local knowledge to help you get started. Your friends at Mark’s Outdoors can help you with the rods, reels and tackle that you will need to have a successful trip.

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